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CC Cleaner 5.66 For Windows 8/9l10

Free space and speed up your phone/Tablet and PC with the best cleaner app for Android/PC/Tablet.

Optimize and clean
    • Speed   up the phone and safely clean up debris
    •Clean up program boxes, download directories, browser history, clipboard contents, etc.

    Request space
    • Stream your Android smartphone or tablet
    • Delete many unwanted applications quickly and easily
    • Master the valuable storage space on the device
    • Clean up junk files and old files
    • Use storage analyzer to analyze and optimize your storage

    Analyze the impact of the application
    • See which programs consume your data
    • Find programs that consume battery power
    • Use Application Manager to detect unused applications

    Speed   up your device
    •new!  Use Task Killer (RAM Booster) to quickly stop tasks and clear memory
    •new!  The application sleep feature will prevent the application from running in the background unless you manually open it
    Easy to use
    • Simple and intuitive user interface, easy to navigate

    •new!  Using the application statistics function, you can quickly determine the overall impact of a single application on the device

    surveillance system
    • Check your CPU usage
    • Main RAM and internal storage
    • Check battery life and temperature

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