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Earn Money Online | New Earning App In Pakistan

How to earn reward points in daily rewards-watch videos to earn rewards

    1. Watch a profitable video
    View and enjoy video status in all languages ​​and categories to earn points.  View, distribute and upload short video status to use daily rewards to earn reward points-watch reward videos.

    2. Turn to win
    ➼ Spin the roulette and try your luck to win prizes.  You can get 15 rounds in just 1 hour a day, and you can use daily rewards to earn as many rewards as possible-watch the video to get rewards.

    3. Scratch and get rewards
    Scratch the card and try to get bonus points on the secret scratch card is lucky.  You will get a daily reward of 5 scratch cards every day-watch the video to get the bonus.

    4. Play slot machines
    ➼Play slot machines, play the opportunity to earn points.  You have ten chances to play the slot machine in the daily reward every day-watch the video to get the reward.

    5. Daily control bonus
    ➼If you visit our app every day, you can get extra bonus points.  Therefore, you can earn as many ways as possible and get rewards.

    6. Invitation and victory
    If you invite new users to provide daily rewards-watch the income application video, they will use your referral code to register, then we will provide you with more than 250 reward points.

    7. Extra points
    .  Play some small games, such as matching cards, and maybe you can play more games to use "daily rewards" to easily earn reward points-watch videos about app rewards.

    How to use daily rewards-watch profitable videos
    1. Register yourself with a valid email ID.
    2. Use daily checkpoints.
    3. Watch the video to win rewards.
    4. Scratch all the cards for you.
    5. Spin and try your luck.
    Use extra coins while playing the game.
    7. Invite more and earn more.
    8. Withdraw your bonus at the bank.

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